Holiday homes on the Costa Brava

Reservation Conditions

Dear family, thank you for the trust placed in us, and for your reservation. Please note the following points:

Number of people:
It is not permitted without our consent to occupy one of our houses with more people than are specified on the booking contract. 
If the number of people were exceeded without our written permission, an immediate termination of he lease may result.

Please let us know in advance if, during your stay in one of our homes, you receive a visit from people who had not been agreed upon in the reservation contract. 

Arrival and departure:
You can check in to the reserved property from 16.00  on the day of arrival, and must have left by 10.00 on the morning of your departure. 

On the day of your arrival, please bring your lease, and the money transfer documents. We do the “Check-In” on the first day, in our office. Any outstanding amount may be paid in cash, and a deposit of 300,00 Euro -in cash- must be deposited with us.

Keys can be collected at our office: hg MANAGEMENT S.L., C/ Freser No. 6, in 17130 L’Escala . 

To help you find us, we will send you a route map in good time.

If you realize that you will not make it to our office by 19.00, please, please call us. Phone No: 0034 – 609 285 150!

Please also bring us – on arrival- a copy of the identity cards / passports of all of the people who are travelling with your ! Weh have to report this data to the “Generalitat de Catalunya- Mossos d’Esquadra” adhering to the law !

As from 2011, all companies active in the tourism sector have to obtain these documents from their customers – to notify the Mososs d’Esquadra – as is customary at campsites or in hotels.

Information for your stay …

  • When you move in, please report to us as soon as possible if anything is wrong, broken or dubios (e.g: TV, coffee maker or washing machine). 
  • Should anything go awry during your stay, or get broken or damaged (e.g.: a dripping tap, toilets not flushing properly, …), please report this to us immediately.
  • Should you have damaged or broken everything, please report this to us immediately.
  • If the dishwasher is still full, please put the dishes in the cabinets. Check whether there is enough salt in the machine .

On departure day …

  • Please …
  • Leave the kitchen in a clean condition (clean and dry cutlery and dishes, packed away in the drawers and cabinets)
  • Sweep the house clean
  • Dispose of the trash and empty bottles
  • Clean the grill
  • If you have rented linen, take it off the bed.
  • If subsequent cleaning by our cleaning company is necessary, we will then invoice you for the effort!

Please leave the house as you would like to find it, if you rented out a holiday home of your own ! Thank you very much.

Contract basics

Fundamentals of the reservation contract are solely the specifications, descriptions and conditions contained herein. The reservation contract will be concluded directly between the tenant and the owner. The company hg MANAGEMENT S.L. act only on behalf of the owners of the houses.  

Tenant obligations

The use of tents and caravans on the property is not permitted. The tenant agrees that he (or she) and his fellow travelers will treat the holiday home with care.

In the event of disruptions to services, the tenants are bound to do make very reasonable effort to remedy the situation and to keep any damage as low as possible. The lessee is obliged to lodge a complaint immediately with the manager of the holiday house and ask him to remedy any problems. If the renter is guilty of failing to report a defect, a claim for compensation is invalid.

Cancellation of contract due to exceptional circumstances

The owner can terminate the contract without notice if the tenant’s conduct is contrary to the contract to such an extent that immediate termination of the contract is justified. 
If the tenant as a result of unforeseen circumstances of force majeure fulfil the contract, than either part may terminate the contract. If terminated, the the owner may demand on appropriate compensation for the services already provided or at the end of the stay still to be rendered.

Owner liability

The owner is liable under the statutory provisions. The liability is limited in any case, for whatever reason, for material, financial and personal injury to the amount of rent paid. For defaults by third parties that are not directly related to the house and the contractual services, as well as for damages incurred by the tenant or fellow travelers from the improper or inappropriate use of the holiday home, the property or its facilities, the owner is not liable. 

Salvadorian Clause

Should one of the above provisions be or become invalide, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless retain validity and the effectiveness of the contract remains unaffected.


Jurisdiction is Figueres, Spanien.

We wish you a pleasant journey and a wonderful stay.

Your family Gänser